Timber is a open source Music Player built for Android. It is one of the finest designed music player with more features being added on a regularly basis.

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This app was originally a demo of the CircularReveal animations which were introduced in Lollipop and was inspired by a GIF I saw on Google+ demonstarting the use of these animations to create an alternative Android Power Menu.After recieving many requests from user to support actual Reboot functionalities, I added Reboot,Power Off,Reboot to recovery,Reboot bootloader and reboot to safe mode with the help of superuser.On further requests,I also added Xposed framework support to override stock power menu with MaterialPowerMenu.

The CircularReveal animations were introduced in Api level 21 but I was able to backport it to work upto Api level 14+

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A demo of various animation in latest PlayGames app using the Transition framework of Android.I was trying to replicate components of animations being used in Google Play Games app and ended up with it.This app uses the Transition framework introduced in Kitkat and then upgraded with many APIs in Lollipop.

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#S Tools+

An app to keep track of your CPU and Sensors alongwith useful features like Color Picker,Compass and device information.

S Tools+ includes 6 different useful tools.These are-

•CPU frequency- keep an eye on your CPU frequencies to see at what frequency your CPU was for how much time.

•Sensors- A fully featured Sensor manager for your device,see what sensors your device have with a graph showing sensor values and all the sensor details.

•Color Picker- Color picker helps you in finding all bout colors of an image, just select am image and touch on a point on image to find out color,hexcode and rgb values.

•Compass-A nice looking compass showing you the directions

•Device Information - Find out information about your device like screen density and pixels.

I rewrote S Tools+ from scratch after Google introduced Material design guidelines and was one of the few apps at the time to follow Material Design guidelines.

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Demo app for achieving UI like the one used in latest Google Play Newsstand app. This demo app uses a parallax header with Ken Burns Effect, a ViewPager and Fragments containing scrollviews.

Main credit for this goes to kmshack for the original Android-ParallaxHeaderViewPager demo app. I made this on top of that for supporting scrollviews easily. See kmshack’s Android-ParallaxHeaderViewPager lib on github

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#Contributions to CyanogenMod and AOSP

Lately,I have also been contributing to CyanogenMod and AOSP in my free time and hope to continue to do so.

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#Other Projects

My other projects includes the apps for Engifest (cultural fest of my college), Armageddon (tech week of my college), FieldMapView (A demo of UI as of FieldTrip Android app,initially made in the PolicyHack hackathon) and some abandoned projects.

Engifest- Github , Google Play
Armageddon- Github , Google Play